Best cat toys for scratching

Best Cat Toys for Scratching

As a feline guardian, you certainly understand the importance of providing your feathery companion with the right scratching playthings. For cats, scratching is a vital activity, offering multiple advantages like stretching their muscles, looking after their claws, and marking their territory. To protect your household items from becoming a cat’s scratching post, it’s essential to invest in high-quality, scratch-centric cat toys. This piece will explore standout choices that will simultaneously entertain your cat and maintain the integrity of your belongings.

1. Sisal Rope Scratchers

Sisal rope scratchers are an excellent choice for cats who love to dig their claws into something textured. Made from natural sisal fibers, these scratchers are durable and can withstand even the most vigorous scratching sessions. They offer a satisfying scratching experience for cats and help to keep their claws healthy and trim. Sisal rope scratchers are available in various shapes and sizes, including flat pads, upright posts, and even interactive toys with attached dangling toys.

2. Cardboard Scratchers

Cardboard scratchers have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their affordability and effectiveness. These scratchers are typically made from corrugated cardboard, providing a rough surface that cats enjoy sinking their claws into. The texture also mimics tree bark, which appeals to the feline instinct to scratch. Cardboard scratchers are lightweight and easily replaceable, making them a cost-effective choice for multi-cat households. Moreover, some cardboard scratchers are designed in creative shapes, such as waves or inclines, adding an extra element of fun for your cat.

3. Cat Trees with Scratching Posts

If you have a cat that loves to climb and scratch, a cat tree with scratching posts is a perfect choice. These multi-level structures provide an array of entertainment options, combining scratching posts with perches, hiding spots, and even dangling toys. Cat trees give your feline friend an opportunity to engage in various activities, ultimately reducing boredom and preventing destructive behavior. Look for cat trees made from sturdy materials and with sisal rope or carpeted scratching posts for an optimal scratching experience.

4. Interactive Puzzle Toys

In addition to providing a scratching outlet, interactive puzzle toys offer mental stimulation and enrichment for your cat. These toys typically feature hidden compartments or treat-dispensing mechanisms that encourage your cat to engage in problem-solving activities. By combining scratching and hunting instincts, interactive puzzle toys provide a well-rounded playtime experience for your furry companion. Some puzzle toys also incorporate scratching pads or surfaces, allowing your cat to satisfy its scratching needs while being mentally engaged.

5. Catnip-Infused Scratchers

Catnip is a herb that is known to have a strong attraction for cats. Many scratching toys are infused with catnip, making them highly appealing to your feline friend. Catnip-infused scratchers can encourage your cat to use them instead of your furniture, as the scent of catnip triggers a playful and energetic response in many cats. Additionally, catnip can help to relieve stress and anxiety in cats, making these scratchers a useful tool for promoting overall well-being.


Investing in the best cat toys for scratching is essential to keep your cat engaged, happy, and prevent damage to your furniture. Whether you opt for sisal rope scratchers, cardboard scratchers, cat trees with scratching posts, interactive puzzle toys, or catnip-infused scratchers, providing a variety of options will ensure that your cat’s scratching needs are met. Remember to observe your cat’s preferences and habits to select the most suitable toys. By offering the right scratching toys, you will foster a healthy environment for your cat and maintain harmony in your home.
ers that require your cat to use their problem-solving skills to access the rewards. By incorporating scratching elements into these toys, you can engage your cat in a stimulating play session while also satisfying their natural instinct to scratch. Look for puzzle toys that have scratching surfaces or attachments, such as scratcher panels or posts, to provide a well-rounded play experience for your feline companion.


  1. What are sisal rope scratchers and why are they a good choice for cats?

    • Sisal rope scratchers are made from natural sisal fibers and provide a textured surface for cats to dig their claws into. They are durable, offer a satisfying scratching experience, and help to keep cats’ claws healthy and trim.
  2. Why are cardboard scratchers popular among cat owners?

    • Cardboard scratchers are affordable, effective, and mimic the texture of tree bark, appealing to cats’ natural instinct to scratch. They are lightweight, easily replaceable, and come in creative shapes, adding an extra element of fun for cats.
  3. What are the benefits of cat trees with scratching posts?

    • Cat trees with scratching posts provide a variety of entertainment options, including climbing, scratching, perching, and hiding. They reduce boredom and prevent destructive behavior. Look for sturdy materials and sisal rope or carpeted posts for an optimal scratching experience.
  4. How do interactive puzzle toys benefit cats?

    • Interactive puzzle toys offer mental stimulation and enrichment for cats. They engage their problem-solving skills and provide a rewarding play experience. By incorporating scratching elements, these toys satisfy cats’ natural instinct to scratch while keeping them entertained.
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